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Brand creation for the UK’s first literary agency dedicated to LGBQIA+ writers

The Challenge

Frog is the UK’s first literacy agency and publishing consultancy dedicated to LGBTQIA+ writers. Their mission is to amplify queer representation within mainstream publishing.

Working closely with the Founder, we helped to develop the brand strategy and craft the brand identity.


As a queer-led agency, Frog explicitly centers intersectional LGBTQIA+ narratives and experiences, recognising the history of queer literary voices being sidelined from mainstream audiences and authentically valuing the enriching impact that queer literature has on culture.

Understanding the traditional nature of the publishing industry, and that more than half of authors (54% – thebookseller) felt that publishing their debut novel negatively impacted their mental health, Frog was perfectly placed as a literary agent to step in.

Creating a brand that looks how it acts

With a mission that speaks for itself, we had an opportunity with the brand to interject genuine character and flair to mirror the portfolio of writing personalities that Frog represents.

Building the brand around three key pillars, we crafted an identity that sits at the cross section – supporting the mission for queer writers to no longer be pigeonholed into only writing about marginalised experiences.

A service with character

Alongside deep thoughtfulness, Frog works with imagination. And as the UK’s first literary agency and publishing consultancy dedicated to LGBTQIA writers, we crafted a bold typographic mark that highlights the OG – heroing Frog’s original status and playfully creating a frog face.

Genuine connection

Subtly bringing to life the frog theme, we opted for a vibrant colour palette inspired by nature. And at the centre of all communication are the writers, clearly representing the supportive and change-making community that Frog has created.

Stand up and make a difference

With an ethos of stepping in and speaking for what’s right, Frog’s messaging is empowering and inspiring.

Leaving a purposeful impact on the world means that you don’t always fit in with those around you – and so in a world of unicorns, why not be a Frog?