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Brand creation for a Bafta nominated production company


KIN is an independent London-based production company born from the creative genius of Michael Hirst, Bafta-nominated British writer, producer and showrunner behind critically acclaimed shows Billy the Kid, Vikings and The Tudors. Nurtured by Michael’s actual kin – in development Scarlett Hirst and in writing, acting and production Horatio James, KIN are uniting fearless creatives to meet the global appetite for authentic content.

The Brief

With a wealth of industry experience and a new company, we partnered with KIN to develop their brand strategy, build their brand identity and develop their website and communications.

Defining the brand vision

KIN’s foundation is a strong network built across a multi-generational family, known for its ability to bring people together and their purpose is to produce content that breaks boundaries and shifts culture. And so our initial focus was to define the KIN brand vision for all creative work to be centered around. Through a series of workshops, we crafted the basis for the brand identity as; curating connections to deliver world class entertainment.

A design with connection at its core

Our design approach heroes the concept of connections. Championing the idea of community and collaboration, the logo features a unique K-I ligature.

The mark of the brand

The logomark forms the centre of the visual identity – with a bold, architectural structure ensuring stand out on production vanity cards.

Standing out

In an industry of bright lights KIN’s approach is anything but harsh, and so we opted for a warm colour palette with a bright highlight blue ownable to KIN.

Sitting back

Working alongside a multitude of content, the digital design approach is minimal and clean to give room for the storytelling and heroing productions.

Balancing form and function

As as dual purpose website – a creative showcase and an E-Commerce merchandise shop, the site needs to work for films and fans. Functionality features seamless transitions and a carefully considered user flow. We opted to build the site on Shopify to elevate both the user experience and site management.

Elevating the form

A fine balance, we crafted messaging to reflect the level of expertise, alongside the open and purposeful nature of KIN, pulling out quotes from the founders themselves to invite readers in.