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Stubble & Co

Launching one of the UK’s fasting growing lifestyle brands. Multi-million pound investment secured in 2023.


With a vision to create bags that people would never stop using, whatever the destination, Stubble & Co were keen to invest in branding from the get-go and sought our expertise pre-launch in 2017.

Bringing to market design-led bags that can be used all day, every day, from the daily commute to weekend adventures, meant that the branding would have to work hard. It would need to appeal aesthetically to the wearer and get noticed by potential customers.

Our long term partnership with Stubble & Co has spanned brand creation, packaging design, social campaigns and, in 2023, the design and build of their e-commerce site.

The challenge

When Stubble & Co approached us, they had a simple and effective idea for a direct-to-consumer backpack company: ‘To design a bag for every journey’. They had the name but no other visual assets – as close to day zero as a design brief gets! From the start it was crucial that the branding communicated the aspiration and excitement behind the brand’s key driver – a love for adventure.

Practically, the branding would need to work across physical touchpoints, such as on the back plate of the bags and stitched onto the end of zips. It would also need to draw together their digital assets, including moving image online. The core identity had to be paired back and confident, acting as a seal of approval of a life driven by unique experiences.

An integral logo

The brief for a logo mark and accompanying word mark asked us to encapsulate values of craftsmanship, durability and functionality. This logo mark is used throughout – on zippers, bags and packaging, stitched where possible, for example inside laptop closures, as well as embossed into details such as zippers. It’s also printed across multiple touchpoints, including packaging, making the brand truly a physical part of the product and reflective of the high level of workmanship that Stubble & Co prides itself on.

Expanding the identity

With a need to stand out online, the core brand assets include bold and varied typography, bespoke iconography and a monochrome colour palette, with eye-catching pops of colour inspired by their product lining – everything taking cues from the logo mark. Dramatic imagery would bring this all to life, appealing to urban commuters with a zeal for outdoor adventure. Through this process, we created a brand kit of parts to be used together and split apart – flexing for the constantly evolving expressions of the brand.

Low-impact packaging

Passionate about the environment, Stubble & Co are a B Corp, and 1% for the Planet member. Their mission to ‘Do.More’ is present in all of the work we have created with the brand, from single-colour, water-based ink printing, to fully recyclable boxes that double up for mailing and packaging to reduce waste.

Into the future

Investing in their brand from day one has supported Stubble & Co on their mission to create bags that people will never stop using. Since our partnership began, the company has seen a 154% increase in their compound annual growth rate, has 72K engaged consumers, has grown their team and, as of 2023, has secured private investment.

As their key design collaborator, we work closely on co-branding opportunities, provide guidance on logo positioning, such as for the partnership with Brentford Football, and evolve their e-commerce platform.


Increase in compound annual growth


Engaged customers